Suzuki Stingray vs Suzuki WagonR

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) launched a new car in the market recently by opting the design from their Japanese Model Stingrey.

Suzuki StinGray-Sporty Car

Suzuki StinGray-Sporty Car

With a stylish reflector Grill, Stingrey lokks like a Mini Range Rover. Also this model featured with Chrome Garnished Tail Lamps,  Sleek and Expressive Projector Lamps and Gun Metal colored Alloy Wheels.


StinGray Interior

This car is furnished with a premium Black interiors and enough safety features.

Pricing (Ex Showroom Cochin)

Suzuki WagonR
Metallic Non Metallic
(Rs.) (Rs.)
Wagon R MC Lx 383647 379861
Wagon R MC Lxi 408777 404991
Wagon R MC Lxi CNG 463724 459938
Wagon R MC Vxi 434710 430924
Wagon R MC Vxi ABS 466583 462797
Suzuki StinGrey
Metallic Non Metallic
(Rs.) (Rs.)
Maruti Stingray Lxi 431178 427392
Maruti Stingray Vxi 459788 456001
Maruti Stingray Vxi (O) 489304 485518



WagonR comes in 5 variants, and Stingrey only 3 and are equipped with premium features.

WagonR is meant for standard users to premium because its base model (Lx) comes with A/c only  to high end Vxi(ABS).

Stingray is available in 3 variants, Lxi, Vxi and Vxi(o). All of the models are embedded with integrated stereo system and luxurious interiors.
Seats are made with high quality fabric and the Driver info display option lets the driver with all notifications.

Stingray IP

Stingray IP


WagonR Vxi is equipped with Tilt Steering and ABS. To available these features in Stingray we should go for StinGray Vxi(o).  All models of WagonR is fitted with Roof Rails and is not available for Stingray.  Mileage and power are same as well as the body weight.


StinGray is more spacious and comfortable than WagonR and both of them are runs on same 1.0 K Series Petrol Engine. For a Base Model, WagonR is good. For a Luxurious pick Stingry is suitable.

Wait and see how it can win the market because small Diesel cars are in the market and Hyundai’s Grand i1o is going to enter very soon.  Lack of Diesel variant is a minus in the current oil price hike.


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